EU LIFE+ Agricarbon project
in Spain

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From 2010 to the end of 2013, studies are being undertaken on 90 hectares of agricultural land across three demonstration farms in southern Spain to study and evaluate advantages of sustainable agricultural methods.

Coordinated by the Spanish Association for Conservation Agriculture-Living Soils and supported by the EU LIFE+ programme, it aims to encourage the use of these methods throughout Spain by supplying detailed information and evidence of their efficiency and environmental benefits to serve as a basis for technical and legislative decision-making.

The sustainable agricultural methods being demonstrated are Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Precision Agriculture (PA). Conservation Agriculture (or no-tillage) refers to practices which protect the soil from degradation while improving its quality and biodiversity.

It is based on three principles: minimum soil alteration, permanent soil cover, and wide crop rotation. Precision Agriculture consists of techniques aimed at gaining a more detailed knowledge of the conditions in which plant variations are cultivated, making for a management system that is adapted to local conditions. In comparison to conventional agriculture (or tillage), these practices improve the organic matter of the soil, increasing its potential for carbon sequestration, and provide other environmental benefits, such as increased natural biodiversity and prevention of soil erosion.

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