GreenUp Tips Support Sustainable Agriculture

Lead a better, healthier life and support sustainable agriculture at the same time!

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What’s the deal with agriculture?

  • It uses a LOT of resources! Including energy, water, and soil.
  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers can be dangerous for us and for the environment
  • Growing crops outside of their natural growth zones requires especially large amounts of resources (i.e., energy to heat crops that are used to warmer climates.)

How can I GreenUp?

  • Buy local to support local economies and reduce food transport.
  • Buy organic products free of dangerous chemicals – your health with thank you.
  • Eat in season! In-season produce tastes extra fresh, usually costs less, and has less impact on the environment. Get creative with new recipes!
  • Get to know your regional or national eco-labelling programmes, which can help you quickly identify sustainable products on your grocery trips.
  • Grow your own food. No money, resources, or transportation wasted!
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