GreenUp Tips Daily Actions

Daily Actions

GreenUp Action 1: Save energy AND water by not running your washing machine until you have a full load.

GreenUp Action 2: Save energy by line drying your next load of laundry. Here's a clothespin to get you started!

GreenUp Action 3: Grow your own food! If you don't have gardening experience, start with something simple like an herb garden. Fresh, delicious, and no energy lost to transport!

GreenUp Action 4: Replace a short car trip with a bike ride. Just once a week will make a huge difference in the long run!

Replace a short car trip with a bike ride. Just once a week will make a huge difference in the long run!

GreenUp Action 5: Reuse something that you would otherwise recycle. Recycling is better than throwing out, but reuse requires zero energy!

GreenUp Action 6: Turn off your music, keep your phone in your bag, put away that laptop. Enjoy the scenery and your neighbours, and save a little energy while you're at it.

GreenUp Action 7: Remember to unplug your bathroom appliances when you aren't using them!

GreenUp Action 8: If youíre driving somewhere, why not see if a friend needs a lift? Fewer cars on the road, less emissions and more social travel! Win win win!

GreenUp Action 9: Trade one of your car trips this week for a bus, train or bike ride.

GreenUp Action 10: Pick up a piece of litter that you find at a bus, train, or tram stop. Make the public transport experience a little nicer for everyone!

GreenUp Action 11: Replace a trip to the gym with a bike commute!

GreenUp Action 12: Go on a public transportation adventure! Hop on a bus going who-knows-where, ride the metro to the end of the line and back, or just spend the day re-discovering your home town and community while leaving the car at home.

GreenUp Action 13: Don't carry around unnecessary weight in your car. Sure, those apples might come in handy if you have a snack emergency, but the extra weight will make your car less efficient!†

GreenUp Action 14: Be a smart shopper! Choose products that don't travel long distances to reach you. Need a specialty import every once in a while? No problem! Everything in moderation!

GreenUp Action 15: The next time you're going to drive to a store, call a few friends and see if anyone else needs to run the same errand. More efficiency AND more fun!

GreenUp Action 16: Trade just one car trip this week for a bus, train or bike ride. Or, if applicable, a plastic-bottle-boat ride.

GreenUp Action 17: Do you have a not-so-sustainable habit that you've been thinking about changing? Make a plan TODAY to make a little change in your life in support of a greener planet.

GreenUp Action 18: Pick up a piece of litter near a bus or train stop. Or go even further and make it a habit EVERY time you're waiting at a stop. One small action towards a more pleasant public transportation experience for everyone!

GreenUp Action 19: Choose something to NOT buy this weekend. Use your creativity, use the web as a resource, and find a way to re-use instead of buying more stuff!

GreenUp Action 20: Recycle your morning newspaper. Don't forget to recycle your morning newspaper!

GreenUp Action 21: Take a short shower instead of a bath. A 5-10 minute shower uses less water than a full bath tub.

GreenUp Action 22: Ask your local grocery store about organic options. Organic products are becoming rapidly and widely available for most types of food.

GreenUp Action 23: Go without AC when possible. Air conditioning hurts your fuel economy, so if youíre not too uncomfortable without it, keep it off!

GreenUp Action 24: You'll be more likely to recycle consistently if you set up a recycling area in your kitchen or utility room.

GreenUp Action 25: Use a re-useable water bottle instead of buying water. You have an endless supply at home and itís FREE!

GreenUp Action 26: Save your errands for one trip. Combine all your errands for the day (or even week) into one trip to cut down on your car usage.

GreenUp Action 27: Use non-toxic cleaning products. They're safer for the environment. And YOU!

GreenUp Action 28: Donate! Donate food, clothes and/or blood and make the world a better place by helping others!

GreenUp Action 29: Hold an unplug scavenger hunt. Have an unplug scavenger hunt before leaving on vacation.

GreenUp Action 30: Recycle old electronics, including those cell phones.

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