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Why should we recycle metals?

  • Number of metals used in electronic products: Over 60
  • Rate of recycling for 34 of these metals: Less than 1%
  • Recovering metals for use in new protects reduces the demand for mining new ore, which often degrades sensitive habitats and causes pollution in local communities

What’s the big deal with mobile phones?

  • Globally, more people have mobile phones than bank accounts
  • Mobile phones contain precious metals, such as gold and silver, and also toxic metals, such as cadmium and lead
  • Proper recycling of mobile phones allows valuable metals to be reused and keeps toxic chemicals from entering the environment via landfills

 How can I GreenUp?

  • Use the Google map below to find a mobile phone recycling centre near you
  • Add a mobile recycling centre in the comments section if you know of one that we’ve missed


“In spite of significant efforts in a number of countries and regions, many metal recycling rates are discouragingly low, and a 'recycling society' appears no more than a distant hope.’

                        -UNEP Resource Panel Report on Metals Recycling


Let’s turn that around – GreenUp!


View GreenUp! Cell phone recycling in a larger map

(If you are from the UK and have an old Nokia, you can recycle it for free by mail, using this link)
(If you are from Switzerland, you can use another map found here


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