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Buy a tree-shirt & we'll plant a tree!

Archive page - please note the Tree-Shirt campaign has finished

What's the deal with Europe's forests?

  • Forest fragmentation is one of the biggest threats to Europe's ecosystems
  • Fragmented forests are more vulnerable to climate change and less supportive of wildlife

How can I GreenUp?

  • Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood created the Tree-Shirt to help us reconnect Europe's forests or, as she puts it, "Helping animals to party!"
  • All Tree-Shirt proceeds go to reofrestation activities in Europe.

vivienne westwood husband milan catwalk greenup green un unep tree-shirt tree forestry

Dame Vivienne Westwood and her husband at 2012 Men's Fashion Week in Milan

The tree-shirt makes it's debut on the Milan catwalk - scroll to 10:42 to see it in the spotlight

UNEP GreenUp model Aurore Morisse and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood

Fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood (right) with Belgian model Aurore Morisse.

UN Youth Champion Monique Coleman wearing the orange Tree-Shirt designed by Vivienne Westwood

UN Youth Ambassador Monique Coleman wearing the tree-shirt. The shirt comes in five different colours and can be bought here.

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